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Kerala’s people and its culture have travelled beyond borders, and to every corner of the world, fostering their assimilation and integration with the rest of the world. This movement of people and with them, our culture has created myriad Keralas of vibrant and distinct characters outside the geographical boundaries of the state. It is imperative to constitute a democratic space in order that cultural, socio-political and economic co-operation between home and outer Keralas are facilitated, and channelled into the creation of a Global Kerala Synergy. The Government of Kerala has decided to constitute Loka Kerala Sabha (LKS) as a common platform for Keralites living across the globe; it is envisaged as a platform for the cultural, socio-political and economic integration of these myriad Keralas with the home Kerala.

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Loka Kerala Sabha second convention in january


Kerala to receive Rs 10,000-crore investments from Dubai



More often than not, all decisions that pertain as well to the lives of non-resident Keralites are taken within the home Kerala. It is the Government’s conviction that Loka Kerala Sabha shall address this concern by providing for a more inclusive demo ...

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The nominated members of LKS shall include select returnees from abroad, and non-resident Keralites from abroad and other states/UTs within India. LKS shall be constituted taking into account the diversities of gender, age and occupational status; it shall also include eminent non-resident Keralites who have contrib ...

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In this spirit, the Government of Kerala has decided to convene the first session of LKS on the 12th and 13th of January 2018 at the Legislative Assembly Complex in the state capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. The 351-member LKS shall comprise the Members ...

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Shri Pinarayi Vijayan

Malayalis are one of the world’s most explorative people and with them Kerala has grown beyond its geographical limits. Migration has helped the identity and culture of Kerala to spread far and wide making us a true global community. These journeys of culture h ... MORE

Shri. Ramesh Chennithala

I am quite sure that Loka Kerala Sabha formed as a fraternity group for Pravasis residing other parts of the world and other parts of India and Union territories is capable of discussing and finding solutions to the problems of Pravasis while at the same time capable ... MORE

Asha Sarath

Pravasis are a group who constantly think about their homeland and who carry the memory of it wherever they go. There was a time when it was thought that Kerala is very far away but Loka Kerala Sabha gives a promise that Kerala is still near. I personally suggest tha ... MORE